You will go through many events in life that will leave you struggling to cope with various emotions. After an abortion, women often find themselves experiencing a host of emotions that they were not expecting. These emotions often lead to full blown depression and need to be addressed with care. Feeling depressed after an abortion is not uncommon; however, it is not often discussed. If you find yourself experiencing post-abortion depression, it is vital to address it head-on. This depression will lesson upon finding support, taking time to heal, and remembering that the process to overcoming depression is a journey.

Find Support

Having other people to turn to is vital to any battle with depression. Post-abortion depression will be no exception. It may be difficult to talk about with your close friends and family. If this is true, it is crucial to find support outside of your inner circle. You will likely find a host of information about support groups and counseling online. You can also inquire with your health care provider about resources for your situation.

In addition to asking about resources for support, there is no shame in asking your health care for a medical approach to battling your depression. This can take the form of medication or even regular visits with a counselor or psychiatrist. Post-abortion depression can be hormone-related as well as a reaction to the abortion itself. Talking to your medical professional can help determine the factors contributing to the depression as well as the best course of treatment.    

Take Time To Heal

Regardless of the circumstances behind your abortion, healing emotionally will take time. Abortion is not something that people typically shout from the rooftops. Some may even keep it from their closest friends and family. With this, it is understandable that some may not understand why you are suffering from depression. Your battle will be yours, and it can often be quite lonely. Do not let the opinion of others make you feel that you need to rush the healing process. As time passes, the waves will slow down, and it will feel less overwhelming. However, time and support will be key.

Remember That It’s A Journey

Some may feel that abortion is often a personal choice and that there should not be any aftermath or emotion once the abortion has been done. However, that is simply not true in most cases. You will feel something. It is very unlikely for anyone to go through something so life-changing and not be some level of emotional. Post-abortion depression is normal and worthy of being recognized. You deserve help and should seek it out. Yet, your healing process will not be a destination, but rather a journey. You may feel back to normal one day and have depression hit you the next. It is normal to have highs and lows. Take your journey one day at a time.


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