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Where Can I Find An Abortion Support Group?

Regardless of the circumstances behind an abortion, it is incredibly common to need support after having gone through such a life-changing event. The time after an abortion can be very lonely. You may experience feeling you never thought you would and go through emotional highs and lows. The support you had prior to your abortion may dwindle. It is vital… Read More

3 Ways You Can Overcome Post-Abortion Depression

You will go through many events in life that will leave you struggling to cope with various emotions. After an abortion, women often find themselves experiencing a host of emotions that they were not expecting. These emotions often lead to full blown depression and need to be addressed with care. Feeling depressed after an abortion is not uncommon; however, it… Read More

4 Ways To Help A Friend Who’s Had An Abortion

An abortion can be a life-changing experience for not only the person who had the abortion, but also those around them. There will often be a wealth of opinions and emotions within a person’s relationships after she has had an abortion. Because of this, having a friend to lean on will make all the difference. If your friend has had… Read More

What If I Feel Like God Won’t Forgive Me After My Abortion?

It is easy to not feel worthy of God’s forgiveness. There will be many situations in life and decisions that you will make that may make you feel like forgiveness is unattainable. I recall clearly making decisions in my teen years that made me feel unworthy. I felt sickened at myself at times and even dirty. It wasn’t a matter… Read More

3 Things You Can Do To Heal After An Abortion

There is no magic formula for handling the emotional and physical toll that an abortion can take. For each person, the healing process will be different both in process and timing. Healing from an abortion physically may appear the same, though it will take time and take a larger toll on some that it does on others. Healing emotionally is… Read More

Do I Need Post-Abortion Emotional Support?

Despite any prior expectations you may have about how you would feel after an abortion, it is common to feel more emotional than you thought you would. It is also common to need post-abortion emotional support. You should not feel shame in seeking help or having to sort through emotions. Going through these emotions alone or with those who are… Read More

There Is Hope After Abortion

Abortion is life-changing. Regardless of the reasons for the abortion or the feelings behind the decision, life will simply never be the same. There was a crossroad, and a pathway was chosen. Yet, there will always be the shadow of the path not taken that can weigh very heavily on many in ways they never expected. Above all, remember there… Read More