Regardless of the circumstances behind an abortion, it is incredibly common to need support after having gone through such a life-changing event. The time after an abortion can be very lonely. You may experience feeling you never thought you would and go through emotional highs and lows. The support you had prior to your abortion may dwindle. It is vital to find support to help you through the next chapter of your life. To find support, you can typically do so online, in person through groups, and via your medical professional.


One of the greatest aspects of living in the generation of social media is the support that you can find right at your fingertips. Along with general stories of others who have been where you are, there will be a wealth of groups available both on social media and through independent websites that will provide support, information, and community for those who have gone through an abortion. A simple search for “abortion support” both on social media and an Internet browser will provide you with a host of options. It is important to note that not all support groups are created equally. Some will provide more support than others and some will cater to different types of support. Research each and check out what is being posted before jumping in with both feet. The good news is that most of these groups will allow for some level of anonymity.

In Person 

While online support groups can be an incredible asset, sometimes there is no substitute for the real thing. You may be the type of person who needs that face to face conversation and tangible, local support. This may be in private counseling, group counseling, or general group support form. Many of these groups may not be advertised, but they are likely available. The best way to find these would be to search for them online. You can also seek out a pregnancy crisis center to see if they could point you in the direction of a local group to join. The facility where you had the abortion should also be able to provide information on local support or counselors in your area.

Medical Professional

After going through an abortion, your emotions may be scattered both from the experience and the leftover hormones from pregnancy. Though the pregnancy ended in abortion, it is still possible to go through postpartum or general depression. Do not be afraid to speak up to your medical professional. There is no shame in needing support mentally after an abortion. The hormones themselves can wreak havoc on your body. The trauma of an abortion will just be added to the already heavy load you will be carrying. Your medical professional should be able to provide referrals for counseling, medication, and other resources to help support your mental health through this time.

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