Despite any prior expectations you may have about how you would feel after an abortion, it is common to feel more emotional than you thought you would. It is also common to need post-abortion emotional support. You should not feel shame in seeking help or having to sort through emotions. Going through these emotions alone or with those who are less than supporting can be detrimental to your healing process. It is better to seek out emotional support now rather than having to heal from emotional wounds for a lifetime.

Though you may have felt confident in your decision to have an abortion, this does not at all mean that you will not or cannot feel emotional about what has happened. You may experience emotions that you did not expect or not feel emotions that you thought you would. The need for emotional support is not restricted to those who are the most emotional. Your emotional support may be as little as needing someone to talk to when needed. It may also be simply having a support system on standby just in case you get to a point that you would like to talk. An abortion is not a small matter and will more likely impact you emotionally in a large way as one point or another. Having that support system in place will be crucial if there comes a time that you feel you need it. 

After an abortion, there will still be the presence of hormones from the pregnancy in your system. These hormones can wreak havoc within your body and will take some time to leave your system. With this, you will very likely experience a wide range of emotions whether you are actually feeling that way or no. Postpartum depression is still very possible in an abortion situation. If you are feeling extreme emotions of depression, it is crucial to consult a medical professional. Postpartum is nothing to play around with. Your medical professional should be able to provide you with resources and possibly medication to help you get through until your body can balance itself back out. Postpartum can last well after hormones have regulated; therefore, it is important to continue care and recognize when support is needed for your overall mental health.

Your need for post-abortion emotional support is relevant and deserved. Do not feel just because this was a choice that you will not need or deserve emotional support. Abortion is a huge decision as well as a life-altering one. It would be surprising to not need some level of support. Embrace the need and any offers of support. Even if you feel that you are handling it well, it will mean the world to have a place to find support when you do need it.

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